6 Amazing October Seasonal Foods

When I think of autumn October is the month I’m probably thinking about. Everything about October screams autumn- the colours, the food, the celebrations.

In the UK we are lucky if we still get a couple of sunny (yet cold) days in October. Every day there are more brown leaves on the ground and the layers of clothing start multiplying. 

As I mentioned in my post on how to get ready for autumn, this is a season for cooling down and getting ready for winter. 

And the best way to get your body ready for winter is through your diet. The better you eat the better you will feel when winter comes. 

These are some of my favourite seasonal ingredients in October: 

1 Artichoke

This is one of my all time favourites! They can be cooked in so many ways and be eaten hot or cold. Did I mention I love them? They are also the ultimate superfood. 

Some of the (many) benefits of artichokes are: 

Good for your brain- artichokes contain high levels of Vitamin K that protect you against neuronal damage.

High in Folic Acid- Know someone that is currently pregnant? Artichokes contain more than a quarter ofthe Folic Acid that someone pregnant needs to intake. It’s also greatly recommended to people that are trying to conceive since they can increase fertility. 

Great Antioxidant- Yes! The beat Blueberries and dark chocolate… enough said! 

The high level of Antioxidants in artichokes help you get rid of the toxins after a night out drinking. So, I am not condoning drinking! But if for some reason you a feeling hungover, eating artichokes may just be the perfect cure.  

2 Beetroot

Beetroots are having or should be having a major comeback. These amazing vegetables are really underestimated. But you need to stop making that mistake because they are not only delicious but are also incredibly good for you! 

Some of the benefits? 

Good for your heart- Within Traditional Chines Medicine beets are considered to be great for your heart and can help you with irritability. This can come in handy when you are not feeling too happy with seeing the summer days go! 

High in Vitamins- Beetroots are packed with amazing vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, B & C magnesium, iron, beta-carotene as well as folic acid. 

3 Pumpkin

Pumpkins are the ultimate October treat … and they are everywhere you look. So take advantage of this amazing season vegetable that is not only fun but also very good for you! 

Some of the benefits of pumpkins are: 

They help you sleep- They increase your bodies production of serotonin- this is a natural chemical that your body produces to help you relax. This makes Pumpkins great to get you body to slow down and welcome the colder months. 

High in dietary fibre- The stuff that makes you feel fuller for longer. So great to keep you going through the day. 

Pumpkin seeds are used a lot within Traditional Chinese Medicine mainly to reduce fevers and pain. 

4 Radish 

Another underrated vegetable in my book. Radishes are packed with flavour and are the perfect addition to any salad to make it more exciting. 

Apart from packing a serious punch Radishes can: 

Cool you down- In Traditional Chinese Medicinethey are used to get rid of the extra heat accumulated during the summer.

Help combat infections- Radishes are very high on vitamin C this makes them perfect to help keep viruses at bay in these colder days. 

Help Digestion- Radishes will help you get rid of bloating and indigestion. 

5 Blueberries

These are a staple in my morning smoothie. Blueberries are very low in sugar but high in nutrients. So basically the perfect combination. 

They also:

Help keep you young- Yes, you read right! Blueberries prevent DNA damage which is one of the reasons that we age. So what are you waiting for? Eat more blueberries! 

Help with Cholesterol- The antioxidants in Blueberries help keep your cholesterol at healthy levels. 

Make you smart- Or improve your memory at least… the antioxidants in Blueberries accumulate in the parts of your brain that make you smarter.  

6 Figs

There is something about figs that has always felt luxurious to me. They are so rich in flavour and there is also something very decadent about them.

But you shouldn’t let figs luxuriousness fool you… they are also incredibly healthy and full of benefits to your body, some of which are: 

Help you lose weight- WHAT?!?! Yes, even being so sweet figs are a great source of dietary fibre. This has a very positive effect on how your body manages your weight. 

Lower higher blood pleasure- The high levels of Potassium in Figs help control your blood pressure 

According to Traditional Chines Medicine some of the things that figs can help you with are: Cure a sore throat, help a dry cough and aid indigestion. 

These are only some of the many seasonal ingredients that you can incorporate into you diet this month. 

Eating local and seasonal is not only good for the environment but for your health, nature naturally gives you what your body needs. 

Go and enjoy everything that October has to offer!