5 Reasons Why You Need Chia Seeds in Your Life.

For a while now people have been going crazy for chia seeds. You can add them to smoothies, make chia puddings (my recipe coming soon!) and even put them in your drinking water. It is just one of those things that you can be very creative with. 


Like with all the food trends, I like to make sure that it is in fact worth the buzz and not just a temporary marketing fest. Although, I have to say that I am a fan of any buzz that encourages people to be healthier, even if the benefits are slightly exaggerated!

However, this is not the case for chia seeds, they are worth every bit of the buzz and frankly people are probably not raving about them enough.

So what is so great about chia seeds? 

1 Chia carbs are actually fibres

Yes, you  might read the label of your chia seed and think that they might take you over your carb allowance. Don't worry, the carbs in chia are mostly fibre, which also means that they will be amazing for your digestive system. 

2 They help you skin with ageing

The concentration of antioxidants in Chia seeds is so strong that they accelerate skin repairing itself  and combat ageing. 

This same quality makes them the perfect post workout snack.  Even better why not try putting a shot of Chia in you workout water bottle? 

3 High protein content

It is always hard to find veggie options that offer enough protein. Chia seeds are almost 14% protein which is pretty high for a seed. 

4 Few calories, tons of nutrients

Chia seeds may seem too small to offer much however they are packed with nutrients. Traditionally they were viewed as giving people strength and energy. So if you need a little pick me up try adding a bit of Chia to your morning smoothie! 

Some of the nutrients you can find in Chia seeds are Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B. 

5 Keep your teeth healthy. 

The high levels of calcium and zinc make it one of the best foods for your teeth. Calcium, as you know, makes bones stronger and the zinc helps fight Plaque. 

As you can see Chia seed are almost magical, they are a no fuss food that can make you feel full and give you energy throughout the day.