6 Great Foods to eat in November

Although this November we have been quite lucky to still have quite warm and sunny days, you can no definitely feel winter upon us. The days are getting shorter and darker. 

But that shouldn't bring your mood down.  Autumn has its very own charm, it's quieter and still not the winter hibernation period. If you would like to know more about staying healthy in autumn go here

With the season comes amazing seasonal foods. In Traditional Chinese Medicine these are thought of as 'warming' foods which help strengthen the body as your environment gets colder. They will nourish and keep you fit and healthy - especially as it starts to get cooler. 

Some of my favourite November foods are: 


Celery seems to be like marmite… people either love it or hate it. I personally love it, it is surprisingly packed with flavour. It is also very versatile, it goes from giving a broth amazing flavour to giving a salad more crunch and personality. 

Celery also comes with its benefits in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Celery is juiced and used for high blood pressure. It is also packed with vitamins and fibre, and they make a great snack when you are trying to shed some pounds. 


Recently, potatoes have been getting a bad reputation. And yes having too many or in bad presentations such as fried is not great for anyone. That doesn't mean that this starch doesn't have health benefits. 

They are great for your intestines and are also packed with Folic Acid, so great if you are trying for a baby. 

If you are going to indulge think baked before fried!


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, mushrooms are considered to make you live longer and to have anti-aging effects (which is no bad thing) 

Most species are a great source of minerals and dietary fibre. They are also packed with protein which makes it a great option when you want a nice meaty replacement for actual meat.

Why not try a mushroom soup to feel better about the weather getting colder? 


One of my favourite parts of the season are clementines. They are so sweet and tangy this time of year. They literally taste of sunny days. So they are amazing if you are dreaming of warmer times. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers clementines to lubricate the lungs which make them the perfect fit to indulge in this time of year since it's when your lungs are at their most vulnerable. 

One of the more obvious benefits of Clementines is that they are packed with Vitamin C., In fact, you can get all the Vitamin C you need from clementines. 


Almonds have become quite a trendy food in the last couple of years. There are so many new and amazing almond products out there that are really healthy my favourite been almond milk. 

Traditionally almonds have been considered to be great for your brain as well as your digestion. And almond oil has always been considered to me excellent for massaging muscles. 

Today almonds are considered very nutritious because of they're very high levels of magnesium and vitamin E that are great for your cardiovascular system. 


Watercress makes almost everything better. It adds a  pop of flavour to dishes. I’m not sure most people consider Watercress to be very healthy or particularly nutritious, but it is! 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine watercress is considered to aid digestion. More than that, it is considered to 'lubricate' your lungs. So if you are having a seasonal cough it may be a good idea to add a little more watercress to your dishes. It will be good for you and taste delicious. 


As every month nature gives us the necessary foods to keep us going through the seasons and prepare us for all the different changes. 

Enjoy the peacefulness of November with these amazing foods.