6 Foods to not Feel Guilty about During the Holidays

Few months of the year are more based around food than December. It’s a month  traditionally associated with smells a lot of which come from the kitchen, cooking, reunions and changes in temperature. 

It’s  a month where the seasonal ingredients are almost iconic. Like who could think about Christmas and not associate it with warm chestnuts? Or, who could think of eating turkey with some cranberry sauce? 

So this December when you are eating, lets face it… in most cases a very unhealthy meal. You can take some pleasure in the fact that many of the components are actually really good for you! 

So which may be the healthier parts of your December diet? 

Brussel Sprouts

Many people don't like Brussel sprouts, personally, I have always loved them and really look forward to when they are in season. 

Even if you are not a fan it may be worth adding them to your diet; They are amongst many other things great for your bones due to their high levels of Vitamin K. They are also amazing for your brain, they contain Vitamin C which can make your brain faster and you smarter! 

One of the more interesting benefits that Brussel sprouts boast is that they can reduce ageing. The high level of antioxidants is the reason for this. 

If you really dislike the way that Brussel sprouts are traditionally cooked, why not try them raw in a salad? They may change your mind. 


Kale has become very popular in the last few years. The days of Kale being a boring thing that you ate boiled are long gone. There are so many Kale products out there that are packed with flavour and replace less healthy options. I’m sure you can find one you love. 

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, kale is considered to be warming, so it’s great for the change of  seasons. It’s also considered to be great for your stomach and digestion.

Recent studies have shown that people who eat more cruciferous vegetables have a significantly lower risk of developing a wide variety of cancers. 

Kale is also very rich in calcium so it’s great for your bones. 


Are like carrots but sweeter! They are are a great addition to any roast and are packed full of nutrients. 

Parsnips are rich in potassium which not only help with blood pressure but with your cardiovascular system in general. 


What beats cranberries as the pairing to a Christmas roast? Nothing!

Cranberries are one of the most iconic Christmas staples. Not only in food but the scent of cranberries to many smells of Christmas! 

One of the main benefits of cranberries is that they help you flush everything out! So great if you “accidentally” drank too much during the holidays!


Chestnuts are by far one of my favourite winter treats. Especially when you get them roasted on the street and they have the double purpose of making your pockets warm! 

Apart from making you warm, they are of all nuts one of the ones with the least calories…which no bad thing with all the high-calorie foods that come with the holidays.  They are also very high in folic Acid, so a great option for pregnant women. 


Within Traditional Chines Medicine walnuts are warming in nature, this makes them perfect for winter months! And around the holidays they are everywhere! 

They are very rich in Omega- 3 so amazing for you brain. Omega 3 also helps protect your heart.

So now when you are digging in into your holiday meal you will know that some bits of it are actually good for you! In moderation most things are ok! 

Happy holidays!