7 Seasonal Ingredients to try in August

In Traditional Chinese Medicine eating in harmony with the seasons is very important. This increases the nutritional density of food, providing us with the most goodness possible and helps us function as well as we can be.

A fundamental principe in Traditional Chinese Medicine is balance - it is said the heat (yang) of summer must be be balanced in the body by consuming foods that will cool (yin).

“Cooling’ is one of the 5 properties of foods/ herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine and forms part of the diagnostic structure. Although not a direct translation it can be thought of as reducing inflammation

The seasonal ingredients below will help you harmonise your body during August as well as provide some other great health benefits.

1 Aubergine

Research has shown that aubergine has an incredible anti-aging effect.

If that wasn’t enough to stock-up on aubergine the cooling (Yin) nature of aubergine makes it the perfect summer vegetable. It will help you dispel pathogenic heat and toxins. 

Worth trying if you have heat rash! 

2 Broccoli

This amazing green vegetable boasts a huge range of healing properties, including: improving vision, strengthening bones, colon health and boosting the immune system. 

But what makes it the perfect summer vegetable is the fact that it helps repair damage from over exposure to the sun. 

3 Carrots

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, carrots are often used to strengthen all of our bodies organs; other benefits include: improving eyesight, detoxification, and helping digestive problems.

The two main reasons that you should be eating a lot of carrots this summer are that: Again, carrots are said to have a very cooling (yin) effect on the body, and the high levels of betacarotene will help your skin acquire a healthy glow when you are out in the sun. 

Traditionally it was also used as an aphrodisiac…so why not give it a try?!

4 Cucumber

The first things that come to mind when you think about cucumbers are normally: fresh, light, high in water content. Traditional Chinese Medicine also sees these qualities in cucumbers, because of their cooling/yin properties they are incredible thirst quenchers. 

You should also try loading up on cucumbers if you have had a sunburn, they work wonders with swelling and irritations and they will help bring back moisture to your body. 

5 Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the ultimate summer ingredient according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are great at cooling your body, releasing toxins and increasing body fluids for hydration. 

Tomatoes are also great at helping prevent a wide variety of cancers: liver, endometrial, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic. 

6 Apricots

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers apricots to be great at restoring body fluids and quenching thirst, this makes them an amazing option for summer when heat tends to dehydrate the body. 

7 Strawberries

Strawberries are the English summer staple and luckily they have amazing cooling properties too. Apart from being delicious and a great treat if you are trying to lose weight, strawberries are good if you have a bad throat and urinary difficulties. 


Another great thing about strawberries is that they can help you cure a hangover!