5 Teas That You Should Be Drinking

Before we had medicine one of the most common things used for healing were teas and infusions. 

I’m not saying that we should all stop taking medicine when we need it however it is also wise to not throw out all that ancient knowledge.

Many of the modern medicines have their roots in herbology and many of them are still used now - willow bark extract provided the foundation for the development of aspirin for example.

So, I thought I would recommend some of my favourite healing teas. 


If ever there was a classic this is it. There is a reason why your grandmother insists on you drinking some whenever there is something wrong with your stomach.

Some of the main benefits to your body are: 

  • Soothes stomach ache- not only does it relax your muscles but it helps with digestion. It’s also amazing if you suffer from cramps. 
  • Helps you sleep- studies have shown that chamomile is a great tranquillizer and will help you relax and sleep. 
  • Dark Circles- putting a warm chamomile tea bag on your closed eyes will help you de-puff and reduce the black circles under your eyes. 

Ginger Tea

I might be biased on this one because I love ginger in all its presentations. 

That being said ginger tea can help you with a variety of things:

  • Weight Loss- it speeds up you metabolism which aids in calorie burning. 
  • Relieves Heartburn- it helps keep block the acid. 
  • Stops motion sickness- Ginger has been used as a motion sickness remedy for a long time. It is very helpful in settling your stomach. 
  • Relieves tired muscles - a great one to drink post workout since it helps your muscles recover. 

Green tea

 This is hands down my favourite tea. It has so many healing properties that it’s hard to not love it. 

  • Makes you smarter- the levels of caffeine help you focus without giving you the sometimes jittery effect that a coffee can give you. It also has L-theanine, that helps brain function. 
  • Helps healthy teeth-  It contains a chemical called: catechin that is great at destroying bacteria.
  • Lowers blood pressure- If you drink it on a regular basis, green tea can help you reduce high blood pressure. 

Lapsang Souchong

This smokey black tea in not only delicious to drink but it has a lot of its own benefits: 

  • Cardiovascular health- increases blood flow as well as reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood stream. 
  • Immune system- Lapsang tea is a great antioxidant which helps prevent infections.
  • Helps you drop coffee- the levels of caffeine in Lapsang tea make it a great if you are trying to stop drinking coffee. 



Oolong is white tea and is one of the most powerful antioxidants. 

  • Boosts your metabolism- this tea is a great fat burner since it can speed your metabolism up to 2 hours after drinking. 
  • Helps your immune system- the antioxidants in Oolong tea help prevent cellular damage.
  • Helps your skin- The antioxidants in oolong tea help your skin remain vibrant and youthful. 


So why not change the coffee for tea this week, and start seeing the benefits?