7 Foods to Stock up on in September

September is a month of changes. It is when we say goodbye to the summer and welcome in the Autumn. 

It’s really no surprise that the produce that is in season in September, from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective are both of a ‘cooling’ and a ‘warming’ nature. The idea being that the foods in our natural environment help us to start to adapt to the changes around us.

Here are a few nutritionally dense options that are in season

1 Butternut squash

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is considered to have a ‘cooling’ and hydrating effect. Good for detoxifying (maybe a good recovery from summer partying?) and it is an incredible thirst quencher.  All this makes it great to help you keep hydrated. 

It’s also packed with vitamins;  A , C,  B5, B6, B1, B9.

Squash is also rich in Beta-carotene, which modern medicine has proven to help prevent diabetes, heart disease, reduce the risk of colon cancer, and help with asthma, arthritis amongst other things. 

2 Kale

Kale is one of the most popular go-to leafy greens at the moment and it’s so nutritious that this is no surprise. 

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, kale is considered to be warming, so it’s great for the change of  seasons. It’s also considered to be great for your stomach and digestion.

Recent studies have shown that people who eat more cruciferous vegetables have a significantly lower risk of developing a wide variety of cancers. 

Kale is also very rich in calcium so it’s great for your bones. 

3 Apple

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers apples to be a food with extraordinary healing powers. So the popular “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is absolutely spot on! 

Apples are a neutral fruit thermally speaking in TCM. So it won’t cool or warm you down, they are a great option to have throughout the month. 

They have hydrating properties and are great for digestion. Apples are also great appetite suppressants so great for a pre-lunch snack. 

Western medicine credits apples with lowering cholesterol. They are also a great source fibre so perfect for digestion. 

Some say that apples are a great mood booster, so if you are sad to see the summer go, have some to lift your mood! 

4 Elderberry

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, elderberry benefits 3 key parts of the body: lungs, kidneys and bladder. 

Season changes always bring their fair share of illness. Elderberry is great at helping with things like a sore throat, colds, asthma and flu. Western medicine also considers elderberry to be great at fighting infections since it boosts the immune system. 

It can also work wonders if you are trying to fight a urinary tract infection. 

5 Grapes

Wine is considered to be one of the world's oldest medicines and although we might not be curing diseases with wine, grapes have many healing properties. 

Grapes are warming so they are perfect to receive Autumn, although if you haven’t tried them frozen you should definitely try it. 

They are also considered great for lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and preventing blood clots. 

6 Pears

Pears are equipped for both Summer and Autumn. Within Traditional Chinese Medicinethey are meant to be cooling in nature. they are great when you need to detoxify and amazing thirst quenchers. They are also thought to assist in relieving coughs and horse throats. 

Pears are not only a great source of vitamin C, but the fibre in pears helps keep your colon and digestive system healthy . 

As we can once again see nature gives us all we need to keep healthy and prepare for the changes in weather!