Great ways to get ready for Autumn

Once again we find ourselves in the change of seasons. We leave summer behind… the time to be outside, get in touch with nature and externalise. 

But nothing to feel sad about! Autumn has its own amazing charm, it's a time for introspection, to look inside. It starts to get darker earlier, so we can spend more time indoors, be a bit more introspective.... It can be in general a time of preparation. 

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Autumn is related to the element of Metal. If you happen to be a ‘metal’ person, some of your personality traits would be: 

A perfectionist, you like Order, you're Precise and methodical. you're also very Devoted and have a good sense of humour! 

But the metal element is about more than personality traits. Understanding 'metal' can help you keep healthy during the change of seasons. 

The metal element is believed to be linked to the Lungs and large intestine. Lungs are often associated with “letting go” which makes a lot of sense when you think about leaving summer behind and literally the act of expelling air from them!

Even if you don't associate directly with metal in terms of personality, here are a couple of things that are great for keeping healthy this Autumn, inspired by the ancient advice found in Traditional Chinese Medicine:

1 Eat the right foods. Try avoiding raw and cold foods. Look for foods that are more 'warming' in nature. 

If you want to know more about some seasonal foods you should be eating for the change of the season take a look here

2 Sleep- keeping well rested will help you adjust to the change of energy and temperature. 

3 Breathe - Controlled breathing of course! Most of us don't realise it but we don't always breathe well. Breathing properly can help you stay healthy and relaxed. Some even say that consciously monitoring it can help you live longer. 

4 Cover up - as I mentioned before the Lungs are a 'metal' organ, which is said to be the most susceptible to cold. So it's time to start making sure you're keeping warmer. Changes in temperature are a bigger deal than you think! 

In reality, all seasons are great, they are all part of our internal cycle and the cycle of the world around us. It's all about adjusting, eating well and preparing in the right way. 

So go out and enjoy how beautiful the trees and the leaves look.