Must try Raspberry Energy Balls

I love energy balls, they are the perfect go-to snack when you are on the go. Because let’s face it, it happens all the time you are out and get hungry and more often than not, you make the wrong choice in order to not go hungry. 

These are very easy to make and also packed with nutrients. Although they are great at any time of the day you might benefit the most of them after a workout. They are healthy, filling and very very nutritious. 

A couple of the benefits that you will get with these treats will be:

Oats- Traditional Chinese Medicine considers oats to be ‘cooling’ which make them great for an after workout snack. 

Oats are also really rich in fiber so great for your metabolism. 

Coconut oil- improve cholesterol levels and can help burn fat… (need I say more) 

Almonds- Are great for your lungs, which makes this a great recipe for the fall. If you want to learn more about how to stay healthy during autumn you can read all about it here

Almonds are also one of the foods with the most nutrients that you can eat. So even if you decide not to make these you should definitely try to incorporate almonds into your diet. 

Raspberries- Are great antioxidants so great after your workout. 


Rolled oats 120 g

Almond flour 60 g 

Desiccated coconut 30g 

Coconut oil 1 TBSP

Defrosted Frozen Raspberries 150g 


This one is so easy!

Chuck everything in a bowl, mix well and roll into balls!

You are done!

Remember to take these with you when you are out all day. They will keep you from making bad choices.