What you Need to be Eating in January!

The festive season is over! Most of us probably overindulged in the celebrations and our food choices are something that we are probably not feeling so proud about. 

Don’t feel too guilty even the strongest of us have a soft spot for the holidays. And the temptations seem to be endless. So forgive yourself for the holidays, they are in the past and January is your future! 

The amazing thing about January is that almost everyone is on the same page. it’s the perfect time to start whatever regime you have been thinking about. Or maybe there is a bad habit that you have been meaning to drop? Everyone is trying to make changes in their lives so there are a lot fewer temptations around. 

If like me you live in the UK January is also a very quiet time. People take full advantage of winter and rest, social activities come to an all time low. Again people want to drink less eat less and take advantage of the time off that January brings. 

Whatever your resolutions are eating healthy shouldn’t be the hardest thing to do this January. Nature gives everything that we need to feel healthy and deal with our surroundings (like the weather). 

So what are the foods that you should be eating in January? 


This might just be the perfect thing for the new year. Especially for people that are trying to quit coffee, since chicory is often used as a coffee substitute and doesn’t have any caffeine! So if you are trying to quit coffee boiling chicory in what may be the answer for you. 

Traditional medicine has been using chicory for 1,000 years and one of the main uses is to help and upset stomach and to detox the body… just what we all need at the moment. 

Chicory has also been used for things like relieving constipation and clearing your liver, just in case you overindulged in December. 


As you probably know by now, I love cauliflower in fact if you want to read about just how much I love it go here. 

Cauliflower is the perfect veggie to indulge in when you are trying to limit your carb intake. and it comes with a bunch of benefits to your health. 

One of my favourite advantages of cauliflower is that it’s high levels of antioxidants help reduce the effects of ageing. 

Blood Oranges

These are by far one of my favourites you not only get the advantages of an oranges vitamin C (very useful in this cold season) but also the benefits of berries! Yes, double benefit! And no doubt oranges make a grey day feel brighter. 

They’re also great for those of you that are pregnant since they are packed with Folic Acid! 


Pears one of my favourite fruits and this time of year they are at their best. it’s very cold outside and what better way to add a little sweetness to your day by day. 

They are great aiding digestion which may help you achieve your January goals. They are also great at boosting your immune suite which is great at this time of year. 

The best thing you can do at this time of the year is not just finding foods that make you lose weight but finding foods that are nutritious and that her you fulfil your goals. 

Happy New Year and I hope you achieve all your goals!