How to Feel your best in February

February is always a weird one. It always makes you feel like winter is almost over, like in a way we have gone through the worst bit. Only to discover that winter is still very much going on, and sometimes it’s even colder and wet than January. 

But as I always say winter is a great season with a bad reputation, in fact, I have written a whole blog about it and you can check it out here. 

Winter is an amazing time to regroup. the weather gives you the chance to stay indoors more often and focus on things that may be bothering or want to change in yourself, But you normally don’t get the chance to work on. It’s basically a great time to have some quality ‘ME time’. 

The foods that tend to be in season in February are cooling. As we are now preparing to leave the worst of the winter behind us, it is time to get ready for spring and cool our bodies up! In fact, a lot of the food on this list will make you feel like it is warmer already!

So what are the foods that you should be eating in February? 

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine Broccoli is considered to be diuretic. If winter is the time to for letting things go then broccoli is the perfect vegetable to help you in doing so in every sense of the word. 

Another huge benefit of broccoli is how nutritious and high in Vitamins it is. I personally love broccoli, it is my go to whenever I feel like I'm not getting enough from my meal. 

And remember the greener the vegetable the better it is for you!



I personally love kiwis, for some reason they always make me feel like I’m eating something exotic. And it is such treat that they happen to be in season when it is so grey outside. 

A part of being sweet and delicious, kiwis have as much vitamin C as oranges! So if for some reason you need to stay away from citrus kiwis are the perfect alternative. 

Another amazing benefit of kiwis is that the high levels of serotonin in them can help you sleep better. 

So kiwis can keep you healthy and help you sleep… it doesn't get much better than that! 


Within Traditional Chinese Medicine lemons have a cooling effect on your body, they are amazing for digestion. In fact, many modern diets recommend drinking warm water with lemon in the mornings. Some of the reasons for this are that it helps cleanse your liver, kidney and urinary tract amongst many others. So even if you are not trying to lose weight this may be an incredible addition to your morning routine. 


Pineapple is one of those fruits that almost feels like you are cheating… when in season it can be so sweet and juicy that it really feels like desert. 

The thing is pineapples are way more than just delicious. they are very high in vitamins which help build a strong immune system. 

As if pineapple wasn't versatile enough some people even use it in trying to induce labour although there is no evidence that this works 


Rhubarb roots are amazing for your digestive system. In small doses, they can give your digestive system a little nudge and in larger quantities, they can work as a laxative. So great for constipation and for any urinary conditions that you may have.  

Another great use for it is to help with period pains! So as you can see rhubarb has a lot more uses than just desert. 

I really hope that eating seasonal and delicious ingredients make your winter more pleasant as they do mine!