Spring's Best Ingredients


Even though at the moment it probably feels like winter is here to stay, it is almost over. The blossoms are starting to appear on the trees.  There are flower blooms coming out everywhere. 

It’s hard to get into since for every warmish day we still get a couple of cold ones. But the temperature is definitely rising and so I hope everyone's spirits. 

If winter is a time of healing Spring is a time for rebirth. All the things that you worked on through the winter will bare fruits in spring. This season has something very invigorating about it, it makes you want to start new things. 

Nature helps us to be ready for this change not only in temperature but in pace. Making sure you eat the right things will fill you with energy for the change

So what are my picks for this season's best ingredients?



Spinach to me is a no brainer… it’s just one of those foods that you just know how healthy it is. As you know the greener the veggie the better it is for you and what is greener than spinach? Nothing the answer is nothing. 

It’s not only about how healthy it is, it is also super versatile. You can make salads with it, put it in almost any savoury dish to give it an extra boost of nutrition you can even put it in your smoothies! And it is very very low in calories! 

Some of its amazing health benefits are that it is very high in Vitamins: A, C, E and K, and a great source of protein! It is also amazing for your brain, so if you are feeling forgetful spinach could help! 

Spring onions


Who would think that a vegetable that we use mostly to add flavour to meals could also give us a bunch of nutrients? 

They are great for your cardiovascular health, they are believed to prevent many heart deceses.

Spring onions can also be of great help to diabetics since they help regulate sugar levels. 

So next time you are adding these to your favourite dish remember that you are also doing so for your health. 



Bananas are one of my favourite fruits and I’m very happy to see that people are creating more and more recipes that involve bananas. Like for example banana ice-cream… yes, you heard right banana ice -cream. 

So what benefits would your delicious vegan banana ice-cream have? 

Well… they are very high in vitamins. Not only this they are very high in potassium so are amazing after a workout as recovery food. Ice-cream post work out? Yes, please! 



I personally love kiwis, for some reason they always make me feel like I’m eating something exotic. And it is such treat that they happen to be in season when it is so grey outside. 

A part of being sweet and delicious, kiwis have as much vitamin C as oranges! So if for some reason you need to stay away from citrus kiwis are the perfect alternative. 

Another amazing benefit of kiwis is that the high levels of serotonin in them can help you sleep better. 

So kiwis can keep you healthy and help you sleep… it doesn't get much better than that! 

Hope you enjoy eating all these as much as I do! Remember eating healthy will get you prepared for the change in season!