What's so Great About Ghee?


Until very recently ghee has had a really bad reputation in the western world. In fact, you may be reading this thinking that I must be crazy to think that ghee is a healthy (healthier) option than other cooking oils. But it is! 

What is it? 

So what exactly is ghee? Ghee is basically clarified butter, the main difference is that with butter the milk solids are taken away early in the process whilst with ghee the milk solids remain and are separated later in the process this gives Ghee a very distinctive (stronger) flavour. 

The end result is a substance that no longer has all the water and milk fats and has a very high smoke temperature, this means that it can be cooked at very high temperatures without smoking. 

Ghee is also as nutritious as coconut oil. But maybe don't put it in your hair! 


Dairy Free

Yes! Even though it tastes deliciously buttery it is completely dairy free! It is also way better for you than actual butter. 

Aids weight loss 

The medium-chain fatty acids in ghee help your body burn other not as good fats. Within Ayurvedic medicine, ghee is normally used to help you accelerate your metabolism. 

Long shelve life 

Unlike its dairy cousins ghee like other oils can last a very long time. Very much like coconut oil,   your ghee will be there for a long time. 

Boosts your immune system 

Ghee has very beneficial intestinal bacteria that gives your intestinal wall support. Your body already creates ghee like fats so can’t be bad to give it a little boost 

Ayurvedic tradition considers ghee to be a positive food that will help you reach a higher consciousness, so not only delicious but also makes you more enlightened. 

The best part of it is that is really easy to make your own making sure that you use only the best ingredients for it. 

So why not give ghee a go… even better make your own?