4 ingredient Coconut Strawberry Nice Cream

There’s still some summer sunshine left (kind of) so this ‘Nice Cream’ represented the perfect summer snack. Nice cream is dairy free and much lower in sugar than a regular ice cream… and tastes great! It’s vegan friendly and simple to make with only 4 ingredients.4 ingredient Coconut Strawberry Nice Cream 

An ice cream alternative is difficult to find. Who doesn’t want an icy treat to cool down that also tastes delicious. Unfortunately Ice cream is very rarely good for you. 

But not to worry, ice-cream doesn't have to go hand in hand with unhealthy. That is why nice cream was invented by someone on Instagram!

This nice cream recipe combines one of my favourite things coconut (click here to find out why coconut is the best) and the best of the British summer strawberries (with hyperlink to strawberry blog) 

What does Traditional Chinese Medicine have to say about this?


In TCM they have a cooling nature - perfect for summer. They are said to benefit thespleen-pancreas which means they help with energy production and improve appetite. Used for thirst, aid digestion. They have also been used for urinary difficulties. 

Strawberries are rich in Silicon and vitamin C. They are useful for arterial and connective tissue repair. 


Is said to quench thirst and cool ‘summer heat’. It has a sweet flavour and can be used for strengthening the constitution.

Coconut is a great source of good fats for vegetarians and vegans.

So - here’s the very simple recipe…


2 tins coconut milk (cream only) 

3 1/2 frozen strawberries. 

Good quality Vanilla Extract

Maple syrup


Important: You need to leave your tins of coconut milk in the fridge overnight!

1  Scoop coconut cream into a bowl and break down with a fork. 

2 Mix in the maple syrup and the vanilla extract 

3 In your food processor (or Nutra bullet in a couple of batches) mix the strawberries and coconut mixture. 

4 Pour into a loaf tin and freeze overnight. 

And it’s ready! Yes, that easy. 

Make sure you take out of the freezer 10 minutes before needed so you can scoop it out!