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Asian inspired Roasted Cauliflower

Asian inspired Roasted Cauliflower

As long as I can remember cauliflower was basically the most boring ingredient out there. It was either boiled or smothered in cheese and maybe sometimes the most adventurous ones out there would eat it raw with some dip. 

The Best Chocolate Barks You Will Ever Make 

The Best Chocolate Barks You Will Ever Make 

Why is it the best? 

Well, that is easy… It’s the best because you make it into whatever you like best! And there is nothing better than sprinkling your favourite things on chocolate. 

Vegeterian Chilli con “Carne”

In typical English spring time fashion we are still getting some chilly nights here and there ( more than that to be honest) So even if there are loads of ingredients at the moment to eat fresh and make amazing salads, sometimes something more comforting may be what you fancy. 


And lets be honest there is nothing more comforting than a nice bowl of chilli con carne… even better if there is no real carne in it. 


I love recipes like this that feel like they have been cooked for ages but are really quick and simple to make.




1 medium sized butternut squash (large cubes)

1 small brown onion (sliced)

200g brown basmati rice 

2 green chillies (finely chopped)

2 garlic cloves (finely chopped)

1 tin chopped tomatoes 

150 ml vegetable stock 

1 tin black beans 

1 tin chickpeas 

1TB cumin 

1TB ground dry coriander

100g plain yoghurt 

2 spring onions 

Fresh coriander (optional) 




1 Slice the brown onion and place it in a large saucepan with a splash of olive oil. When they are starting to get soft add the chilies and garlic (finely chopped). Add cumin and ground coriander allow 2 mins while staring constantly. 


2 In a separate pot cook the basmati rice according to packet instructions. 


3 Add the butternut squash and a splash of water to the pan with the onion and cook for around 10 mins or until it starts getting soft. Make sure you mix often to avoid everything sticking to the pan. 


4 Add the tin of chopped tomatoes mix and cook for an additional 5 minutes. 


5 Finally, add the beans and chickpeas cover the pan and cook for 10 mins on a low heat. 


Serve the chilli on a bed of basmati rice.


You can garnish with yoghurt spring onions and some fresh coriander… and if you are into it a little cheese. 


Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did and fingers crossed for warmer days! 

My Chia Pudding Recipe

My Chia Pudding Recipe

Chia puddings are one of those very rare things that are really healthy but actually feel like a treat. Different to other healthy snacks they are not only easy but very fast to make. So there is no excuse to make not make these. 

What Makes Sleep so Important?

What Makes Sleep so Important?

We hear it all the time: “sleep is important” still many of us don’t know why. Even worse most of us still don't know how to sleep properly! 

All this shouldn't be surprising since The reality is not even scientists fully understand why we sleep! That doesn't mean that we don't understand what the benefits of sleeping are (or at least most of them).